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    Question Best way to photograph school play?

    So I'm still learning how to use my PS S3 IS. I can take some decent outdoor photos but indoor shots have been tricky. DS is going to be having a holiday concert in a few days. It'll be held on a stage in the school the cafeteria.

    Can someone give me some pointers on how to get some decent shots. Camera settings, ect. Also, would having a telephoto lens give me a better chance at capturing some crisp photos?


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    It will tough with a point and shoot. I assume that using a flash is out of the question, which would require some higher ISO shots which will be noisy. It depends greatly on the light - how much will there be? Will it be a typical theater lighting (maybe not in a school cafeteria), i.e. very dark with soft lighting on the stage only, or will all the "house lights" be on?

    If you can use a flash, I would consider it, but pop-up flashes only travel 12 feet or so, so you'll need to be close. But as I said, flash might be frowned upon at a play.
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    In that situation, I would just shoot video. The S3 captures great quality videos.

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