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Thread: sony or tamron

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    Nov 2008

    sony or tamron

    just your guys opinion dont care of price difference just want to no what you prefer sony sal5014 or the tamron version 17-50mm pardon me if alll the lingo isnt correct im new to this

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    Totally different application of lenses. The sony is a 50mm prime lens with the widest aperture found on any A-mount lens at F/1.4. It is not a 14-50mm lens

    The 17-50mm is a zoom lens (which will give a tad of zoom on an APS-C sensor). It has a smaller aperture (although still large).

    It's a compromise.

    The 17-50mm would be the one you'd want to get as the 50mm prime is more of a specialty lens.

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    Jun 2008
    I suggest you get the Tamron 17-50 2.8 and a used Minolta AF 50 1.7 which is cheap on ebay and very good lens.

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    Lens choice is very much tied to sort of pictures you take, how critical you are of certain aspects of the lens and of course, BUDGET.
    Even the experienced amongst us agonise over this subject and usually end up with a bunch of compromise lenses collected over the years.
    The perfect lens might be 1-1000mm, f1.4, weigh 4oz, be pin sharp edge to edge, have beautiful colours and cost less than a burger. It doesn't exist and probably never will.

    I believe you got the 18-250mm zoom on (good) advice from the forum. The next bit's up to you; go out and take pictures, lots of them, post the best here for constructive criticism, decide in which area your lens is less than satisfactory (for you) and you can then make an informed next choice.

    There's no hurry! Good things come to he who waits.


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    Good advice Peter, however about the good things that come to he who waits you forgot to add and then goes and gets.LOL
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    You know it makes sense!

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