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    a NEW vote ... Christmas Still

    SONY photogs ... we are going to rethink this friendly competition? Obviously there was NOT enough interest in participation ... although, I want to thank those who did plan to participate and voted.

    To "beef up" the interest, I am changing the prize a little and offering a

    1995 TAMRON AF 28-200mm f/3.8-5.6 Promaster lens, instead of the 70-300.

    This was one of the first true utility lenses and it offers tremendous focal length options over the "kit lens"

    Limitations of the lens "M.F.D." = 6.9 feet ... so back up. There is a "close-up" filter that you can place on the lens and I will include it that reduces the M.F.D. to around 4 feet, you just lose iunfinity focus while it is mounted on the lens.

    So, again, here's the idea ... so vote on it.
    • Design a nice. seasonal indoor theme image (preferably tabletop) incorporating ideas based on traditional "Christmas"
    • You have to shoot it yourself with EXIF date stamp, for posting. No earlier stuff. It should be from Nov-10-2008 thru Dec-15-2008
    • Frame and Shoot this image from two different aspects, with your name somewhere in the image, thereby proving it is your design.
    • Post your two shots no later than 12/15/2008
    • At least ten (10) "SONY DSLR camera" participants (a 'YES' vote means you are participating) to get this show on the road. The voting is open until 11/20/2008

    We all vote (voters must be a SONY DSLR camera owner in order to count) and pick the best one. The winner gets the lens.

    Merry Christmas!

    If there are not 10 'YES' votes ... by 11/21/2008 ... there will be no contest.
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