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ty for all your help. i thought the same thing for about 25 a year i thought that was cheap. especially with 2 rugrats runnin around never no what will happen. so i assume my choices on what to do were fine. I did the sony lense b/c they let me have the 2 years interest free with the economy the way it is just was easier to do it all now and worry about it later.

on a side note i want a nice camera bag something of a sling or backpack nature could you guys point me in the right direction i want enough room for when i get more lenses and such.
Slingshot 200AW by Lowepro is a very nice bag (or the 100 if you want somethign smaller). The 200 AW sure can fit a lot though (even the longer 50-500 and 70-200 lenses).