Hello there, Sony people!

Below is the address and link to a short test of the Sony DSLR A900 with sample pictures, made by a Swedish online camera store named Cyberphoto. When you go to the page, you come straight to the test of the camera. Click on the tab that says "Testbilder" to view the sample pictures.The pictures are taken with the Sigma EX 70/2.8 Macro and Sony's 50/1.4.

They used a tripod, camera set to best jpeg-setting, auto white balance, ISO 100 and in-camera noise reduction inactivated. They think the noise is low up to ISO 800, without the in-camera noise reduction activated.

The ISO samples at the bottom seem to be taken with the Sigma. The light source were two 300 watts halogen lamps and manual white balance was used.

They gave the camera their highest rating - "Toppklass".