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    Nikon D90 Lens Help

    Ive just recently sold my D80 and have been eyeing up the
    D90 , IM just having troubles decideing if I should just buy the
    D90 KIT or Just the D90 Body and adding the 18-200mm Lens To it.
    and to compliment the the package with the Tonika 11-16 lens. I also
    have an interest in the 70-300 VR lens as I would like to shoot sporting
    events , would the 18-200mm be suffient for this kind of usage? Or maybe
    I should be looking at something inbetween the 18-200mm range? How is the Kit lens supplied with the D90?

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    The 18-200 is not a quality lens and IMO people should stay away from it. It's convenient and that is it's entire reason for existence.

    Try this.

    D90 body.
    16-85 VR lens
    70-300VR lens

    or substitute the 16-85 for the kit 18-105 which does seem to be getting good reviews.

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    Ive heard nothing but good about the 18-200mm lens ? I did consider the 16-85 VR lens , but at the same price of the 18-200mm LENS. And the 18-105 lens does seem to be getting good reviews . So many choices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chromance View Post
    Ive heard nothing but good about the 18-200mm lens ?
    Check around this forum to start with then read professional reviews at places like SLR gear or Photozone. Most people who rave about the 18-200 do so because it is the only lens they own or in some cases the only lens that they have ever owned and generally what they rave about is the convenience not the image quality.

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    18-200mm lens. I have one it's a def win. Get it.
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    Are there any other lenes available in the 70-300vr range that match Nikon or better?
    And in the same price range?

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    I think the 18-200VR is good lens. Not as good as my 24-70, but still a good lens. Besides, it give me some reach on my D300 until I can afford a 70-200VR. :-)
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    the 18-200 is what it is. its a highly flexible lens with excellent range but like all lens' of this type it comprimises on image quality.

    some people prefer the flexibility and are prepared to make the comprimise. others comprimise on flexibility for better image quality. there is no right or wrong answer to this. it is just about what suits you more. if i had the money i'd have a 18-200VR no problem for a walkaround lens cos i think its great for that purpose.

    but facts are facts. and the fact is that the 16-85 is a better lens in terms of image quality. period.

    i think you're on the right track. depending on your budget:

    #1: 16-85 + 70-300.
    #2: 18-105 + 70-300.
    #3: 18-105 + 55-200VR.
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    The Nikkor 70-300 VR gets great reviews and from personal use is a great lens. It's one main drawback is that it is not going to be a great low-light lens.

    I don't think there is anything that is of the same quality in the same price and that has VR in that lens type, but I am not certain of that.

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    I have the 18-200. As Rooz said, it is what it is. If you have to get one, it's the best of the bunch, though some, like the Tamron 18-250 seem to be closing the gap. There are better alternatives.

    The 70-300VR is also the best of the bunch. This seems a common theme for recent releases by Nikon.

    I recommend you look a shorter zoom ranges. The shorter the zoom range, the less image compromise needs be made in the formula. The 18-105 is about 5.8x range, where the 18-200 is 11x. The 16-85 is 5.3x. The 16-85 has a better build than the kit lenses, but costs more. You can buy the combo of the 18-55vr and 55-200vr. Those are still good lenses, as well. However, they compromise on features that some of the more expensive lenses have, such as manual focus override. If you can afford it, the more expensive lenses are better choices.
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