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    Smile Heading to Dubuque, IA

    Okay ... I'm packing the Tamrac Velocity 9 with the 10-20mm, 24-105, 70-200, 200-500 and the '56 flash for a trip to see Sarah Palin, in Dubuque, Iowa, tomorrow (Monday, Nov 3rd), at the Grand River Center, on the mighty Mississippi River.

    I hope I clear the sentries at the door with my bag ... because this could be a really cool session, being the last day before everyone historically votes for a woman as our next VP!

    Should she make it, she will be closer than any other woman has ever gotten to be President of the United States.

    Anyway, I'm not a big political snapper. This is 162 miles, one way! But, should I get even one or two beauties out of this ... I'll post 'em and you guys can drool. I sincerely hope she is wearing something better than rags from the "Alaska Rummage & Second-hand Shoppe", after being so intimidated by the media for her $150,000 GOP-supplied wardrobe.

    I say dress for success. But the democrats would rather everyone where the same prison-orange jump suit (<- click here for a rather humorous thrill - watch it full screen). And you guys thought wedding line-dances were bad! Geez!
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