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    A800 perhaps

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    Personally, last year, I was hoping that the A900 would be introduced in Jan 2008 and released in Spring 2008. A lot of people said that was the plan ... but it simply did not happen. Had I waited on the A900 with only the A100 as my camera, instead of going ahead and buying the A700, in Sept 2007 ... it would have been a full year before I would have received the A900. I cannot even imagine the number of great shots that I have taken that I would have missed without it.

    Despite what people may think, the the A700 is an excellent camera (w/o LiveView) now or later. It is one of those rather long-toothed creations ... so figure as you will, it offers terrific capability. Personally, waiting on introduction of a camera body is a mistake ... you are taking images NOW. I suggest buying and using the best body you can get UNTIL the new one shows up and then trade up.
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    No-no, it was just an observation about a new model with LiveView. I've already ordered the A700 (after quite a bit of deliberation); the prices are down as Dealers clear their shelves in anticipation of the discontinuation and I'm not bothered about Liveview; you can't miss something you've never had. In any case I doubt I'll be able to afford the new model and I'll have to save up for a new lens (maybe).

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