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    Cool The A700 ... why settle for less?

    Quote Originally Posted by Peekayoh View Post
    Well, we may be born equal but we're all different, thank God!
    Which is why it's a good idea (DonSchap) to try before you buy. I wish I knew someone with an A700!
    I bought my A700 straight from SONY ... without trying it out. I had trusted the reviews on the camera and already had the
    A100 (prototype) for over a year, before I went and sold off all my Canon EOS stuff (and I had quite a bit) in preparation for
    the A700. I was NOT disappointed. The A700 immediately solved some issues I had with the A100 (expected things just not
    being there, i.e., pc-sync port, vertical grip, high-ISO) and effectively was everything I believed it to be, having all the
    completed aspects of a true DSLR.

    Now, I would like to think I am nowhere near as demanding a photographer as many others are, with my meager efforts and
    exceptionally limited range of equipment. I simply felt that the A700 offered almost everything a reasonable person could
    expect from a device of this kind and, like I said, it filled the bill.

    I can attach every device without hesitation and it is a solid base for my photography. The vertical grip and '56 flash complete
    the picture (pardon the pun), providing one of the best all-around camera designs seen today, in the APS-C market.

    I have to ask ... how can you go wrong?

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