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Nice work with the ultimate frisbee, my daughters boyfriend plays it at college, Like any sport want to try and get the "object" on the dhot, football, soccer ball flying disc, being small and thin that adds a challenge. #9 and #14 in the football shots are great, lots of punch with the colors, good expression on the guys face in #14 also. well done all the way around. We are now done with football also, no shots of last game as it poured rain, was windy and about 45* outside, I stood in it for my daughter in band, but not with the camera LOL
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It'll even be chillier, here, tomorrow, as they are talking snow flurries. I have a brutal feeling this will be a "record winter" and that's not a good thing.

Anyway ... weather or not ... the camera is at the ready. Had a few isssues that are keeping me at home, constantly ... just running errands. Missed a pretty cool cloud formation, today, like nothing I had ever seen ... but, probably not that unusual for high winds and spotty rain. City had some damage today.

I have to quit leaving the house without my right hand toy!
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Great series They all look great and you PS work is getting better.
thanks * 3! mmmm, it's cold this morning too!

46F right now! It was just like in the 80s yesterday. Since things are still relatively green, I'd still like to make it out to the lake at least once more .