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    Question 50D construction

    Hi there folks!

    Long time since I last posted and glad to see the forum still moving franticly. I have just sold my good old 10D and I am looking for a new 40D/50D, I visited a local Bestbuy just to check how the new canon feels in my hands. I have to say a was a bit dissapointed at first, there was something that my hands were missing but I did not know what exactly. Besides de line-up of canon's I saw the fairly impressing bodies that Nikon put together lately (big error ). The D300 felt a lot more like what I was used to with my 10D. I went over back and for a couple times to eventually figure out what was the source of this akward feelings. To me, it looks like the rubbery material in the grip and in the back of the camera is no longer so rubbery, it is so stiff that my hands identify it like more plastic since it offers little grip enhancement, the D300 has a less stiff, more rubbery material that my hands are more confortable with.

    Now the question is, I am a paranoid or any of you guys also felt that the 50D body has less rubbery rubber than previous generations (I am also used to 30D's and they feel ok to me)

    Best regards

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    I have used a D300 some (belongs to a friend). She absolutely loves it. I will say it has a very solid and heavy feel in your hands. Focus is great. This is a great camera. She told me that at her last wedding, she did was not even have to do any significant processing (Elements) of the pics, whereas with her D60 nikon she was doing a lot.

    I haven't even held a 50D yet, but that is the one I will be buying when the financial situation allows. I have canon glass. Even though I have heard that the D300 is a somewhat better camera than the 50D (more expensive too), I am sure the canon will be a great camera for me, and it will be a big upgrade from the XTi (which I really like too).

    I guess the amount of glass you have in canon would make a big difference in your choice, it would mine.
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    You got it right on spot, the amount of glass I have (and I am very happy with) limits my decision (17-40 F4, 50 1.8, 70-200 F4 plus 430EX flash unit). I need to get a 40D in my hands to see how it feels.

    Thanks for the reply

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    I know ergonomics are important but if it's just a little rubber feeling it's missing I wouldn't let that deter you from the camera. It's got a lot going for it.
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