Held a G10 today and had a chance to plug in my own SD. Also took the same scene with my G9. The following picts were taken by both G10 and G9 with same settings. But these were resized for posting (800x600 bicubic). If anyone is interested, I can send the orig. Anyway, EXIF data can still be assessed from these photos.

Pict 1: G10, M, 1/40, f/5.6, 28mm, ISO100, 14MP superfine, no flash, evaluate
Pict 2: G9, M, 1/40, f/5.6, 35mm, ISO100, 12MP superfine, no flash, evaluate
Pict 3: G10, full Auto (i-Contrast active)
Pict 4: G9, full Auto

some observations on G10:
- G10 gives a bit brighter image
- G10 feels heavier and bigger than G9
- G10 lens diameter considerably bigger than G9
- Optical viewfinder more usable (lens barrel covers less area)
- LCD has indeed much more resolution.
- Buttons (menu, display, preview, etc) easier to press and access
- combo dial usable but I would prefer the opposite (bigger mode dial, smaller ISO). Exp comp dial also a good thing.
- Including Metering option (button at upper right of dial) is a very good idea. (I always change metering modes, thus assigned to shortcut button on my G9)
- multi-function dial lag. turning the dial is not as sensitive as that on G9. I find it annoying. Tried this with 3 different G10 at the shop.
- the SADDEST part for me... no more TIMELAPSE video!! So, I may still hold on to my G9 for awhile.

I hope someone would find this post useful...
G10 retails at equiv to US$510-560 in Tokyo.