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    Canon SX10 IS or S5 IS?

    Hi everyone,

    I am a bit undecided between Canon SX10 IS and S5 IS... There are no official reviews for the new model till now. The only thing I could find till now were the sample images on another site

    click here .

    Looking at those images I felt that barrel distortion at near and far ends of the lens usage is more pronounced. Other parameters at least to a normal person like me seem to be ok.

    Could any of the experienced lot advise me as to how the newer model compares to the older one... and if it is value for money?


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    it doesn't seem the SX10 IS is any better...I'd suggest the S5 IS because its cheaper and seems to do everything that the SX10 IS does.
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    I just ordered the SX10 after reading many user comments on DPreview and several user reviews on Amazon. I took a card into Best Buy and tried the camera on video, a major interest of mine. It has very smooth zoom, excellent IS, great sound etc,........but so does the S5 IS. The SX10 is a tad larger but does have the longer zoom and a wider angle at the short end. I think both of those features are important.

    Cheaper? Well, you can get the SX10 at Amazon for $360. I haven't seen any good deals on the S5 since the newer camera came out.

    Most of the comments on DP review claim the SX10 has better high ISO photos but I think the difference, if any, is marginal. For me, it came down to the lens, wide angle and long zoom.

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    Based on samples I've seen (especially high ISO) of the SX10, I really like that camera.

    I'm hoping to import the SX1, but if I can't get it before the Christmas holiday season for under $625-675 US shipped, I may buy the SX10 locally.

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