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Thread: New SX10 IS

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    Oct 2008

    New SX10 IS

    Well, I did it, went out today and bought the New Canon SX10IS.
    1st Observation when I got it home was it is a little heaver than any of my other P/S cameras, Lots of Program options available, Not sure way they didn't put a attachment ring on lens cap, (no problem, little Superglue, and a piece of Shanti Kite Line, Problem Solved) One of the many reasons for choosing the SX10 was the S-Micro, will work well on my Metal Detecting Finds for closeups on Jewelry. will be getting out this weekend for TEST RUN.
    once I put together enough info I will post a Review.

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    I wanna see ISO shots!
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    hands up who hates delobbo !!!!!!
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    It doesn't have to be awkward Will

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