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    Upgrade to SX10?

    I know similar questions have been asked, but I'd like to get some opinions on what might be best for my photography needs, so sorry if this is repetitive .

    I've had an S2 for a couple of years and have generally liked it. The only problem I've run into is that the LCD screen is basically useless in really bright sunlight, and I have trouble with the viewfinder in bright light also (but this might be partly due to my not-so-great-vision too).

    I'm thinking of upgrading to the SX10. I take a lot of travel, landscape, and wildlife shots, so the 20x zoom is very appealing. I also take product shots for my business, so a good macro setting is important.

    I'm definitely still a beginner when it comes to manual settings and such, but I'd like to learn more and improve my photos. Do you think the SX10 is "better enough" for my needs to justify the upgrade?

    Thanks a bunch!

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    I just recently upgraded from an S3, and am by far still an novice, but my early thoughts are that the sx10 is a nice camera. I bought the 430ex ii and it is a nice feature that it has a flash hotshoe to allow an external flash that an s2/s3 does not. The 20X lens is nice, as are the higher resolution viewfinder and larger lcd screen. I am overall pleased with my purchase but there are a few minuses. It is bigger and heavier, so less portable. Also the lensmate attachment and telephoto lens that I purchased for my s3 can no longer be used. I think the largest negative is the knob for the manual focus which is almost unusable. (it has other functions as well). You have to keep turning and turning for any real use, and in doing so, it is very difficult not to hit one of the 4 side buttons that it also functions to select (continuous/macro/iso/manual focus). Oh, and the other little thing I wish they had also done is allow for some way to attach the lenscap to the camera. Overall though, I would still have bought it again.........the pics so far have been nice. Just came back from a vacation in arizona......so got to play with it a little.

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