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    New HVL-F58AM Flashes!


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    Cool zipper case, zipper tucks into a nice compartment!

    So I got the new flashes yesterday and haven't had much time to play with it. Like many beginners, Mr. Bear was the guinea pig and had to put up with getting blinded over and over.

    First thing I noticed was that it's very nicely built. It looks great! There is 2 AF assist lights in the red portion of the flash and they display an interesting pattern of light to help assist during autofocus when it is dark (only when it is dark).

    The other thing I was really impressed with obviously is the bounce flash. It's such a cool feature. I have never used a flash before, but it's a hell of an idea and works great! The addition of the bounce card also seems useful, but having a ceiling to work with is better (unless you have a big diffuser or something).

    The following are examples. I don't really remember what settings were used. But judging from the different shadows, you can really tell where the light was angled (bounce shift head FTW!). Some were Auto WB, and a couple were flash WBed, forgot which, but I think they are the ones that are more white, more true to actual color).

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    Pop Up Flash, bleh , harsh shadows, hood gets in the way! Red eye on people occasionally.

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    I love the ability to aim it upwards, really lets the light rain down on your subject. Another thing I noticed was the DETAIL the flash is able to bring out on the lens (T17-50mm/2.8) at a 100% crop!

    BTW, since I got two, one is for sale.
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