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    Canon 450D Rebel XSI Sharpness Testing

    I was being a little obsessed with the sharpness settings on the 450D and I decided to do a little testing to see for myself. I now would like to share the testing with the forums.

    I have not tested landscape yet, but from my experience with the camera on sharpness setting 7. The photos will look jagged. Keep the sharpness settings from 4-5.

    Sorry for any grammatical errors, I'm sleepy and I want to go to bed.

    Please keep in mind the following while looking at the photos
    -From Left to Right Columns (Sharpness 3)(Sharpness 5)(Sharpness 7)
    -From Top to Bottom Rows (Top Row RAW IMAGES)(Bottom Row JPEG)
    -All Photos shot at ISO100
    -All photos shot with EF-S 18-55 IS
    -The White Balance is a tad bit off
    -Photos shot on tripod with Image Stabilization off
    -Focused in live mode then switched to manual mode to keep controlled focus in set of photos.
    -The differences between RAW images and JPEG processed images are clearly evident. RAW For The Win.

    Full photo 18MM

    18MM, F3.5, 100% Crop

    18MM, F11, 100% Crop

    Full photo 55MM

    55MM, F5.6, 100% Crop

    55MM, F11, 100% Crop
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