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    14 viewers... 10 of them are spambots

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    Look ... I'm sure they are not members ... but that's still pretty amazing. Somebody is interested, albeit for a short amount of time ... it still surprised me, because according to the elitest Canon-hero-types, only 3 people actually own SONY DSLRs. LOL They all logged on from multiple locations, eh?
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    We really could use more viewers and MORE posters here, and the "banter" is a good time, maybe Sony users can poke more fun at themselves then other brand users, could be because we been "poked" by Sony a bit eh. tedD I know next to nothing about HDR so I read your posts and others also all in trying to learn, I thought sparkies post was humerous and with out venom, God knows I have posted more crappy images here then anyone else! and nobodys "came over" to have a look. and [IF] Don cranks things up, at least he gets people talking which is what a forum is supposed to be about. can we all agree that we will disagree, and that the spirited discussions will NOT become personal. So lets have fun, share stories, post some pics defend our positions and opinions, and ask for help!
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    Well said Sean

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