Hey everyone, hope all is well.

I bought my A200 to supplement my ailing (at the time) 5D because of FFB and a scratched sensor alias filter. It's been a great ride so far.

I've noticed, though, that it hates my beercan.

I'll be the first to admit that I am still very very new to DSLR tech, so the answer may be obvious, so if you have an explanation for my problem please do tell. My best guess so far is it could be a number of things: higher resolution sensor exposes more of my beercan copy's flaws, tin oxide coating (?) on sensor, maybe overly aggressive autofocus that misses more often than not, lack of that magic "digital coating"- I really don't know I guess.

Here's the problem. Pictures just seem softer, cloudier, halo-ier (haha), more prone to CAs and PFs and just terrible with my A200 and the beercan versus the exact same lens on my 5D. I would love to take advantage of the faster autofocus on the pokey 'can, but at this rate I might need to get one of them new-fangled digital lenses. But I pray and hope it's just my lack of photography skill that is the shortcoming and all you wise folks can enlighten me.

I ran a rather non-scientific test today because I'm at my wits end. If I'm being irrational please say so, I may just need a kick in the arse.

Both cameras were tripod mounted, ISO 100, SSS off, default Creative Styles and all settings @ 0, DRO off on the A200, shot within minutes of each other in highest quality jpeg. Mind you, I tried to shoot a subject that would exagerrate the problem, but it is also becoming a problem in real world shots too. Maybe the answer is obvious and my beercan is just skunky.

Here's the test subject, crops will be the central portion.

A200 is obviously on left, 5D on right. Thanks for any help.

Beercan @ 210mm | F4

Beercan @ 210mm | F5.6

Beercan @ 210mm | F8

Even downsampling the A200 to the same size as the 5D yields less than ideal results methinks:

I now I might be being nitpicky, but it just seems less than legendary on my A200 now. I notice it especially on people's faces, they seem to have a veil of fog and are have a slight blur to them. I'll hunt some samples of those down and post them too.

Thanks again.