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    Nikon D40X continuous shoot mode

    I cannot get the continuous shoot mode to work on my Nikon D40X. The instruction book it will work when it is on the factory original settings. But I do not want to set them all back to the original settings to see if it works. Does anyone know how to make it work? This is one of the features I bought the camera for.


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    I just quickly looked at the D40 manual, and continuous mode won't work if the flash is on. Could that be it?
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    If you are using continuous shooting + flash, than it is obvious that flash has to fill the power to shoot again. It is not so fast than the speed of shuter itself.
    When the popup flash is off it should shoot in continous. Try not to use "auto" mode. Try to use "P" or "A" or "S" or "M" mode and try again...

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