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    Lightbulb Future lenses ...

    Quote Originally Posted by seanhoxx View Post
    So Don and anyone else, here is the issue, for the lens buying plan what advice or suggestions do you have other then "all of them of course" LOL! Do I go for the 200-500 to "max out" my zoom end? Price seems to be be going DOWN on that lens?? or do I fill in the higher prime end with the 90 or the 180? as I posted before I wonder how the 180 will fit in for me, or will it wind up being left out becuase it's not enough, or to much with the other lenses. Or should I start to think about the lower wider end LOL I would like to have a 24-105 also. man I need to train my dog to be a pack animal!
    Sean, you really don’t appreciate how much of the spectrum you have covered, with what you have.

    No doubt, a good MACRO is hard to argue against. Either the 90mm f/2.8 or the 180 f/3.5 are qualified candidates. While the 90mm is convenient and can be shoved into your pocket, the 180 has dual LD elements, which really correct CA in those close-up shots. The 180 also does NOT change configuration, so your close-up subject shouldn’t be too frightened as you obtain your focus.

    As far as the wider aspect of shooting goes … there is nothing quite like the 10-20mm f/4-5.6 when you are in a tight spot. I brought mine along with me, all the way to Colorado, in April … and darn if an opportunity to make good use of its 10mm focal length did not crop right up. None of my other lenses could have taken that shot … without use of the panorama feature (I call it: “the too-narrow of a lens band-aid.” LOL). That lens is great to have in your bag … because most people usually do not plan on those shots. They just happen to you. “Be Prepared.”

    Long reach: What can I say? The 200-500 provided some rather amazing shots, this year, at Oshkosh’s AirVenture. Lightweight and stabilized with the α700 … it got it done. Focus was crisp, accurate and fast. Again, for “birding”, it is hard to match. The 80-400 is a good nature lens … quick for both semi-tele and long-tele with one lens, but looking long … with that extra 100mm reach … you are “in there!”

    Primes: They tend speak for themselves. In the studio … the results are super due to their wider apertures. The Carl Zeiss 135mm f/1.8 … M.F.D. < 2-feet (21-inches, actually) … with a very shallow DOF

    α100 w/ CZ 135 f/1.8 @ f/1.8 & M.F.D.
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    Tape Measure ... from the first element of the lens.

    So, Sean ... you need to determine the kind of photography you are pursuing. I've covered a lot of it ... not all, of course ... yet. There is still ... astrophotography!

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    "Say hey, Sean!"
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