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    Cool The light trap!

    Quote Originally Posted by seanhoxx View Post
    Has anyone used or heard much about the tamron sp 180mm? I had thought maybe of getting it instead of the 90mm, or skip them both and pop for the CZ 135, man that would be a sweet lens for me, and would rock on indoor sports I think.

    I thought you knew that I have the TAMRON SP AF 180mm f/3.5 Di LD 1:1 MACRO. It is a sizeable lens, compared to the convenience of the SP AF 90mm f/2.8 Di 1:1 MACRO lens.

    Slow to focus, in AF mode ... but it does allow you to back up considerably, versus how close you have to get with the smaller 90mm. Right now, that 180mm lens is a bargain, compared to the low price I paid for it, a year or so, ago.

    I shot a couple of the football shots, from the other night, using it. I was manually focusing, to make good use of it ... because -> it is a nightmare in AF, trying to get sports images with it. Lots of light, but it tends to focus back and forth ... with no LIMIT switch, like the 90mm has.

    This is a straight out of the memory shot (resized, of course).

    EXIF: f/4 - 1/200 sec - ISO-1600 - M - Spot Metering (Subject distance ~45 yards)
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    180mm Di

    Here's the original 180mm thread ... I wrote a year ago.

    90mm Di

    Here's the original 90mm thread ... I also wrote a year ago.

    Then just for the heck of it ... here's the original ATX-840 thread, again, 365 days earlier.

    Then, of course, the talk of the town has always been this puppy ... for $25,000

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    Even if this woman has to get a close up of the mount! LOL

    I mean, look at the structural consideration you need to have to support such a weapon of light absorption!

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    You know, Sean ... if this keeps up, rather than buying expensive glass ... it may just wind up being cheaper to buy the school a whole new lighting system.
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