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Well, to be honest, you really do need to understand exactly what the '58 brings to the party, otherwise ... it is unappreciated. It does what they now call "flash groups", which is a coordinated combination of future flash heads.

The '56 will work quite well as it stands ... and it is just as bright. The '58's rotating head is definitely an asset for a hot-shoe flash. Photographers usually have to mount their flashes on a flash bracket assembly with flash sync tether cord. This adds weight, awkwardness and a number other undesireable problems, especially if you use a vertical grip.

I could pictorially demonstrate these annoying add-on issues, but trust me on this ... you could stand to save a lot of accessory costs by just buying the NEW '58 flash. Where was it three years ago? Yeah ... in the "mind of Minolta."

Well, you can avoid the eventual expense by just laying out the extra cost and not bypassing this eventual growth, anyway. This is the flash. It works and offers the best results of ANY of them!
Yup, definitely don't doubt that. Why now I wonder too? Seems like a relatively easy concept that could easily be thought of...

I also love the bounce and rotation features. It's the king of flashes for sure. Also as such, commends a high (the highest) price at the moment. So how long do flashes generally last, if I did happen to get one used a year from now or whatever? (I know it depends on usage, but an estimate if you have any idea would be appreciated).