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    Do we appreciate our equipment??

    I think sometimes we can be over critical and always looking around for ways to improve etc.
    I have just sent my D80 off for pixal mapping and a clean up - and I admit I really miss it. So now I am using my backup P&S KM A-200.
    I find 2 things - I really appreciate what the D80 can do - over a P&S
    I also find I am appreciating how good the KM A-200 is (was) as well.
    I have rediscovered the differences and adapted quickly. In my case it isn't quite the usual with everything - eg the KM A-200 is way lower in saturation, contrast at default settings. But - I find it is a very capeable camera indeed (as I already knew before I purchased a D80).
    Currently I am not taking many photos as my PC is also out of action - so I am learning to live without my regular addiction (besides the Coffee addiction). So I am also realising how much I enjoy/appreciate the PC as well.
    I think we get used to all this technology and take it for granted sometimes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Geoff Chandler View Post
    I think we get used to all this technology and take it for granted sometimes.
    I agree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cdifoto View Post
    I agree.

    i've had dslr now for i think only 2 years and have fortunately never had to live without my camera. before that my canon film slr never had a problem either for what...10 years...so i dont know the feeling of being without an slr. not sure if its the techniology thats underappreciated as much as the...dare i say it..."moment it clicks."

    but i did lend out ALL of my strobes once, (i normally keep a couple), and that was bad enuf.
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    I was using my niece's new Canon compact yesterday at her 21st birthday party, taking photos of her having her first legal drink etc. It was very nice to handle but the shutter lag was what got me most of the time. The delay between shots seemed long too.

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