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Thread: Dsc-t1

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    My DSC T1 has suddenly started displaying horizontal moving lines in the view finder and these same lines appear on my pictures online. Does anyone know how to cure this? I replaced the Memory card, but that didn't work. I use my camera everyday as a Realtor and it's really hurting me to post these horrible pictures,,,,

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    Time for the bin?

    I'd be guessing it's a problem with the camera's sensor and/or processing algorithm firmware.

    Unfortunately, as the T1 is now a four-year-old camera, a repair is simply not viable cost-wise.

    You're probably looking at a replacement camera, and for real estate work, I'd be suggesting an extra wide-angle lens camera something like this for around US$250:

    Panasonic FX35

    It's great for cramped interior shots inside houses, and also does well in getting you physically closer to the building itself for for better detail in your exterior shots.

    Hope this helps

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    You may be able to get this replaced under warranty. This is exactly the type of problem the recall is for. You may have to contact Sony directly. Good luck.

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