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Ah, displeasure will be replaced by bliss, once you get your hands on your desire.

Again, there are forces at work that seem to manipulate the market in ways we can only fathom (because, no one is talking). I often wonder, if I had to do it all over, again, which direction would I travel?

Would I think that a $3000 Full Frame DSLR should have ... say, Movie Mode? Would I have become so dependent on "Live View" ... that I couldn't take an image without it? Nah, I think I would still be pretty happy using my SLR for exactly what I ORIGINALLY bought it for. Just taking great images ... with standard photography rules in place. Not worried about "upgrading" it to the throughly overcrammed technological crap that most things are becoming.

I have one of those "Tilt" cellphones, with the slide out hidden keyboard. For the past three days, I've been in the AT&T store, just trying to get it to work right without having to remove the battery every time I want to use it, because it has to HARD reset. What good is that, I cannot even get a reliable phone call, any more, because I don't know if it is working or not? But hey, it's got games, internet, texting and god knows what else?

That, to me, speaks volumes to where this is all going. Our equipment is so complex, it cannot even do the BASIC function it was designed for.

"RELIABITY? Why that is job # 37 on the list. Sorry, Man!"
Sounds like you just got a bad new phone and should probably get it exchanged. Sorry to hear your troubles though. Every product does have its lemons.