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    Z812IS LCD replacement

    Hello everyone. My girlfriend had her Z812 dropped on the floor this weekend and now the LCD has a nice crack going through it. I know that google is my friend and searched for some sort of guide to disasemble the camera but I came up short.

    So I attempted to take the camera apart and got down to the screws that hold the lens down to the back of the camera. I removed them but could not budge the lens. At this point I decided not to try my luck and put everything back together. How far do I need to go down before I hit the LCD screen?

    I was just going to buy the replacement LCD off of ebay and perform the surgery myself, but now I am a little unsure. Has anyone done this before? And if so, any pics of the tear down?



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    Touch 'n' go...

    I always get the shakes when I read about people disassembling their cameras!

    I think in this case it's probably easiest (and safest) to contact Kodak directly via THIS site.

    Kodak actually have a very good customer service reputation (or so I've been told in Australia, at least) so they'll undoubtedly have some idea of the best way of getting this fixed, or they might offer you a 'refurbished' Z812 at a greatly reduced cost (which could be less than the cost of a repair).

    And bear in mind too; cost-wise we're talking about a camera that's only worth $200 on the street.


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    The back case seperates from the front case, and lens leaving the LCD exposed. Also the Z712is and Z1012is cameras are very very nice rigs.

    What does $200 on the street have to do with anything. Do you pull cameras from unsuspecting tourists shoulders and sell them on street corners?
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