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    Need a compact P&S with a min. 5x zoom. Suggestions?

    Hi all, my girlfriend is in the market for a compact point-and-shoot. I shoot with a DSLR, but we'll use this when going to parties and the like, so I want something that will produce a pretty good image.

    Currently she has a Panasonic 4MP P&S which is giving some problems.

    Anyhow, here is a better description.


    Realistically AU$200-220, may be able to stretch up to $250.


    Compact. Needs to be thin, rectangular size needs to be as small as possible, but thickness takes preference.


    Megapixels - Minimum 4MP, preferably 6-8MP.

    Optical Zoom - Greater than 3x.

    Image Quality - Quite important, no one makes anything particularly bad any more, so other points like price, zoom and size take preference.

    Manual Controls - Not important.

    General Usage

    Mostly portraits at parties, meaning low light indoor, or night outside shots. Good flash performance is important.

    Big Prints - No, mostly web-based use, prints up to 8x12 at most.

    For most other forms of photos, action, landscape etc. I'll be using the DSLR so this will be mostly portrait.


    Brands - No one in-particular; Nikon, Sony, Panasonic.

    Special Features - None really, we already have AA batteries and SD cards, so a camera that uses these would be a plus. Good high ISO would be handy also.

    Models I've found -

    I just had a quick look on the net tonight, and these are what I've found.

    Nikon Coolpix P60

    Canon Powershot A2000IS

    Sony DSCW110S

    Nikon Coolpix S550

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    The buyer's guide at the top of this page may help.
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    Nikon L16 is the most slim of the AA batt cameras, but the zoom is only 3X. Olympus FE-320 is super thin, Sony W110 is only a little thicker and sports optical viewfinder. Of course neither the Oly nor the Sony use AA batts nor a SD memory card. Most of the very thin SD card cameras with more than 3X zoom are over AU$220. No one camera tics all of your boxes.

    Kelly Cook

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