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    Unhappy A700 down for the count!

    My "rear" thumbwheel has become totally erratic (no, not erotic! Get your mind out the gutter, will ya? This is a family-oriented station.)

    The thumbwheels are critical to the proper operation of the camera ... and I know that more, now, than I ever appreciated before. I will be reviewing a couple of shots, hit one spot and suddenly a flurry of images will flash by as the camera races from one extreme to the other, flipping them over and over.

    Offending part!
    Attachment 40079

    Or ... I'll be changing shutter speed and be at 1/500 and suddenly, the camera goes to 1/20th! NO KIDDING ... THAT'S SOME SERIOUS EXPOSURE CHANGE!

    Anyway ... it's off to SONY for repair against the manufacturer's warranty. Who knew they wouldn't swap a 10,000 shutter release camera for a brand NEW one?

    So, ol' Don grabs his trusty A100, with its "single" thumbwheel ... and limps off into the wilderness, again.
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