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    Angry help

    hi could anyone please help me. ive just had my baby girl shes now 3 months old. all the pictures ive taken of her are now on my computer from my sony cyber shot DSC-P32 digital camera, im going mad because now i dont have a clue how to get them off my computer could anyone help? email leanne@bhoare.com

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    Well, what do you mean by get them off the computer? Save them on CD? Print them? Mail 'em out?

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    Talking Your answer is here ...

    So Leanne

    Now you have the pictures in your PC, you can directly print them using a color inkjet printer (prefferably supporting photo quality printing) or save them in a media (CD Rom, Floppy Disk) and take themm to your local Photograph shop, you can edit them using an image editing programm (like Photoshop or something like that) or save them in a CD media (if you have a CD Writer).
    All clear ?

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