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    Unhappy Widening effect

    Quote Originally Posted by sparkie1263 View Post
    Glad to see you are drying out.
    Well, they've widened the street restrictions so that everything to the east of Rt. 45 through
    Des Plaines is effectively local traffic only. All major East-West streets are effectively blocked
    because of the river overflow. That's a good three miles or more long. The local economy suffers.

    Basically the entire center of this map crop ...

    Attachment 39866

    The red circle is the location I took the 360 River-flood panorama.

    Word has it that there are six-inches of river water in the local Community College (where I got
    my Photography Certificate) and no one can get in to bail her out, because it is right next to the

    Here's an overhead shot of the campus area, a little further to the north, during drier times.

    Attachment 39865
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