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    Question Anyone wearing glasses?

    There is an eye correction adjustment, next to the viewfinder, on all DSLR cameras. It is called the diopter-adjustmment dial. Usually, it changes the focal correction of the viewfinder from +2 to -2 diopters.

    1) Find this adjustment (it is detented, near the upper right part of the viewfinder eye collar)

    2) Remove your corrective eyewear and peer through the viewfinder.

    3) Successfully AUTOFOCUS on a nearby object, probably some readable text.

    4) Adjust the diopter-adjustment dial for the sharpest viewfinder image.

    If you have adjusted the dial to the maximum, one way or the other, and still cannot seem to get a sharp image (when the camera does, of course), the chances are that you need to enhance the viewfinder a little (or a lot). SONY (as well as the other manufacturers) sell "eyepiece correctors" to augment that adjustment dial. They are snap-in windows that come in a variety of strengths. Use this LINK

    One thing to remember, when you place one of these in your camera ... then you hand off to another user, the chances are that they may have difficulty with the DSLR and complain that they cannot get a clearly focused shot. Remember, you adjusted it to YOUR eye. You will have to remove the diopter correction lens, usually, for them to be able to establish their own sharp image (but then again, the camera will autofocus properly regardless of this item being on or off the camera).

    Just a hint on how to see a better world ... through your camera's eye.
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