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    Sony 70-300 G Pics...

    Ok, here's a couple pics my Wife took with our new 70-300mm 'G' lens...

    I haven't taken any that I think are 'post-worthy' but so far we're very happy with the lens. The reversed focus/zoom rings are a bit strange, but workable.


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    Cool! I'd love to replace my 70-300 with this G lens! What other lenses do you have? How does it compare to your other lenses?

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    Wow! Those pictures are very sharp. Love to have it one day
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    I like the part where "the wife" is using the equipment and supporting the hobby. How novel. LOL
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    Wow razor sharp, or darn close to it, how many Millers did you have to empty to get the foam cling "just right" LOL Hey Dr4gon you don't have your KM 50mm listed in your tag line on the posts. Well off to bed for me, maybe tomorrow is the day for the 70-200 2.8, maybe....maybe
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