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    Exclamation FinePix S700 Help!!!

    i have a finepix S700, but i cannot create a new folder or add any files to my sd card. does anyone know how to?


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    Not sure what you are asking. To take pictures with the camera to an SD:

    make sure the write protect switch is off
    insert card in camera
    format card with camera if it hasn't already been formatted
    start shooting
    pictures will be saved to the card as you shoot.

    Not sure why you would need to create a folder or add files

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    Please elaborate...

    Quote Originally Posted by herryjohn View Post
    you can do it better
    Sorry, but there's really not much point in saying that formatting the card can be done "better" than tkbslc has already suggested unless you actually explain what you mean, and exactly 'how' it can be done 'better'.

    Your response (possibly unintentionally) is of no help whatsoever to sdcard34.


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