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    70 % is great. I too like Dr4gon find I take alot of shots that I know are not going to look good but take it anyway. So I am not going to count shots I don't like. I guess when it comes down to it the only problem I have is the focus problem. I think I need to go over how I shoot and see what make my shot better. It is hard to tell sometimes using the on camera screen. They all look good on there. My friend has a Canon with all good glass. Next time we are together I am going to use his camera and see how my shots come out then.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sparkie1263 View Post
    What percent of your images are keepers. I am finding that I am getting only a few real good images out of a days shots. I took about 50 shots of my friends humming birds the other day and didn't get many good shots. I tried using a tripod and shooting in manual focus. Then I tried using auto focus I just couldn't get that great shot. I was just wondering is it just me or does everybody have the same hit and miss problem.
    humming birds are hardly a good measure of your keepers. they are an exremely difficult subject to take good shots of even with really good gear.

    the % of keepers is largely dependant on your subject. shoot static stuff and your keeper rate should go thru the roof. if i'm doing a portrait shoot, it's 80-90%, switch to macro bugs and its more like 30-40%
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