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    Lumix 20 - nightime auto racing shots

    any tips/tricks to capturing racetrack, sometimes poorly lit 100mph racing with a lumix 20? looking into the 383 flash - any settings help, as things fly by quick...

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    What I would do for your first time is set the camera to auto ISO and then to spot or center meter and spot or center focus.....and then do not leave the cars "fly by" as you stated, but to pan with them.....
    Then there are two ways to get the fastest Shutter speed one is to use shutter priority and experiment to find a SS you will be happy with.....my guess would be 1/250 th sec.
    But an easier way to achieve the fastest SS combinfed with a proper exposure is to use aperture priority and set the aperture at F2.8.

    I am afraid unless you are extrememly lucky you will need to try this one day and then when you get home examine the photos and the exif very closely and you will find the aperture and SS combined with the ISO that gives the result your looking for.

    one other tip may be to read up on using a red dot sight, to keep the cars in the frame while panning and shooting a burst. The EVF is not the best tool for this type of shooting.... an optical viewfinder is much easier.

    Keep in mind that while a 383 claims a guide number of 120 ft...in reality it is much closer to a 60 ft effective range, my guess is there will be too much ambient light for the flash to freeze the action even if you were close enough.

    one of these days I'll understand!

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