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    40D pop up flash error.

    Hey folks. I don't use the pop-up often but once in a while it gets me out of a jam. Over the past two weeks I have been getting an error from it. When I push the flash button I can hear the motor cycle twice and I hear two clicks instead of the one little motor sound and the click of the flash popping up. I get an error (forget the exact code) and I have to cycle the cameras power to clear it. I can get the flash to pop up with a little help from my finger nail. Anyone else experience this or have a non-send it in for service solution? Thanks!!
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    Sounds like the little sensor that tells the popup that a flash is mounted is stuck. The sensor is just a switch activated by those little tabs that stick up. Get yourself a small screwdriver and lift up on the tab to raise it up some. Check out this site...and scroll down. It tells you about the switch although the site explains what to do when the switch is missing. You just want to eliminate the permanent pressing down of it. The link is about a 20D but they're all the same.

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    Yeah, this happens on my XTi from time to time. I haven't bothered getting it looked at.
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    I can't say I've ever used the built-in flash on my XT or my 30D.

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