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Thread: S700 Aperture

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    S700 Aperture

    On my camera when I put it on F 6.8 and try to go higher it jumps to F 13.6. Is this normal or should I have some settings in between? Thanks

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    Just played with my s700 a bit, here's what I found. In modes where you are manually changing the aperture, like in A or M mode, you get every 1/3 stop up to 6.8 and the the next manual setting is 13.6. Nothing in between 6.8 and 13.6. In modes where the camera is picking the aperture, like S and P modes, it will choose settings in between if it thinks the lighting needs it. 13.6 is the max and 3.5 is the minimum. Hope this helps.

    The way to semi-manually pick something in between 6.8 and 13.6 is to go into S mode and change the shutter speed until the camera picks what aperture you want. Only problem is this continually updates based on light conditions. Hope that helps a little.

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