Can't remember if you ever actually said but I assume you are viewing on a lap top ?

I'm on a Dell 22" IPS Spyder3Pro callibrated monitor

I have been trying to be a bit more selective on shooting with better lighting conditions this summer, mostly

The only other change I can think of is I'm now shooting them with the 50-200mm and recently abandoned my MF/remote shutter set up for actually obtaining a AF lock on them.

And a higher percentage of shots with iso 1000 on the E-30....

So the progression was 14-54/12-60 with MF/remote trigger. Camera maybe four feet from feeder.

Tried the 50/ec20 for a bit, same relative distance.

Changed to the 50-200 and manual trigger (me) with AF, distance to feeder about ten feet.

No major changes in post aside from using the blur tool on the background in lieu of noise reduction when needed...

Cheers, Don