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So I took your response to mean radius =250, Amount=40% & Threshold=3 (default), etc. Based on that I created a 'Raven Sharpener' action. Here is a before and after. It certainly boosts the apparent sharpness and dehazed the image. However, I am not certain it isn't too much in this case. The butterfly was back lit and the hazy quality might be desired as part of the sense of place and time.
Woah! No, the original seems better and is actually quite good. My method has 6 steps, and none of them gets more than 8% sharpness.
All with threshold set to 0. Maybe that isn't default... I'm still toying with it.
250 pix 4%
64 pix 2%
16 pix 1%
4 pix 2%
1 pix 4%
0.5 pix 8%
Auto contrast

I'd give an example but I'm going to bed.