Everyone else has one, we need one too. Also, I want to post some things that aren't necessarily regular threads in the gallery.

First, some rules.

Rule 1. I give myself the authority to make rules.

Rule 2. Pictures here may be cross posted, on occasion, in the appropriate photo gallery section, since there isn't too much traffic here.

Rule 3. Pictures may demonstrate the superiority of the Olympus system, the photographer, or be fun but otherwise suck. Or anything in between.

Ok, enough rules... GO!

(I'll start off modestly, then the rest of you can show me how its done).

Moonset over Lake Schmiddel in Desolation Wilderness. E-410, 18-180mm lens at 180mm. f/11, ISO100, 1/13s, rock tripod. Converted to B&W in PP, then contrast increased.