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    Auto red-eye fix

    Does anyone have any experience with in camera auto red eye fix? I mean the one that auto corrects as you shoot, not in playback mode. I noticed the Canon SD1100 and a lot of the newer Fuji and Nikon cameras have this function. My wife really seems to think this would be a great thing to have. I worry it would incorrectly fix something that isn't red eye and permanently ruin a shot. I know when I use software tools, sometimes it corrects things like red buttons on a white dress, for example. Anyone have an opinion on this feature?
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    It's great, especially for these small cameras. It's a life saver. I haven't seen it correct something that wasn't red eye, but I suppose it is possible.

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    The eyes have it?

    I think (but I could be wrong hehe) that most of the compacts with face detection now have onboard red-eye fixes as well. The camera uses triangulation to locate the face, and therefore should only fix the eyes and nothing else like buttons for example.

    I'm of the 'old school' I prefer to fix any red-eye on my PC, so it's not a criterion I'd be using to choose a camera. Nor would I worry about face detection for that matter, but that's just me LOL.


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