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    Cool Once asked ...

    A fellow student of photography asked me, a couple years ago, how I was able to acheive a very steady shot at 1/30 sec, handheld ... with a Canon EOS 20D and lens set to 200mm.

    I had to kind of think about it, but basically I am pretty certain it was related to my many years of target sports ... and honing my archery and riflery skills. Learning how to breathe (or not to breathe, as the case might be) ... to relax my upper body and to cradle the camera ... rather than hold it. The "Bullseye-count" goes up tremendously, when you just relax and ease on the trigger ... or take that breath, let it half way out ... and relax your fingers, as the bowstring flies free.

    Probably the worst thing was extended-arm pistol shooting ... because when you ease on that trigger, the weapon instantly reminds you that you had better hold on to it, or it will pop up and hit you right in the forehead. Let's face it, three pounds of steel to the forehead is a heck of a wake-up call.

    So, once again, the best thing to do is practice ... with "Super SteadyShot" (SSS) off.

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    Once or twice a day ... set at 1/15 or 1/30 sec ... with the focal length set to 135mm or more. It will make you appreciate SSS more when you do "live fire" shots and they have to count. The idea is to make this practice a "natural" habit and not forced.

    Good luck, folks. SSS is a special gift, if used properly.

    Oh yeah, don't forget to turn it back on!

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