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    Purple dicloration on the edge of night picture

    DSLR-A300 w/ Tamron 17-50mm F/2.8 DI-II - 22.0mm (35mm equivalent: 33mm) - Exposure: 30.000 s - Aperture: f/2.8 - ISO equiv: 800 - White Balance: Auto - Metering Mode: Spot - Exposure: Manual - Exposure Mode: Manual

    So I took this picture of the milky way last night and it's a nice picture, but it had a purplish/pinkish tinge in the upper right and left corners. I took one right after in a different part of the sky in a portrait orientation (exact same settings) and it wasn't on any of the corners. Out of the ~40 pictures, this was the only one that had it. If it's kind of hard to see on your monitor, you might need to look at it from a different angle on some LCDs.

    While looking at the pictures in lightroom, I clicked "auto-tone" out of curiosity to see what lightroom would do with it and several other pictures had the same purple show up. It just wasn't evident in the raw pictures (without making PP adjustments).

    This can't be normal. So, how can I fix it? Is the lens bad?
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