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    Umbrella, soft box, stands - recommendations?

    I'm getting prepared to do some outdoor location portraits and am looking at possibly using a wireless bounced flash in an umbrella as the main "catch" light, and a second wireless in a soft box as a secondary fill source.

    What I think I'll need -
    1. Umbrella on stand w/flash mount on a swivel
    2. Soft box on a stand also w/flash mount

    I don't have the hardware yet, though I hope to be able to find what I need in kit form (unless that's not such a good idea) - so I'm looking for some ideas for good, yet inexpensive softbox + stand kits / umbrella + stand kits etc...

    If I had to buy it in pieces, what exactly would I need? (ie. stand, swivel, boom, flash mount/hot shoe adapter, umbrella mount, umbrella???)

    Alternatively, if you think this set up is too over the top, let me know what YOu would do! Thanks!

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    If it's going to be windy at all then an umbrella might not be a good choice.

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    Amvona.com has some kits available as well. I've been looking for a similar set up so good luck to you, it's definately a learning curve w/ all this lighting stuff LOL

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    A simple set up would be to use a Westcott 28" Apollo and reflector or the Ed Pierce Signature Edition Halo. This is a shot of a mother/child portrait I did about 12 years ago using the Halo and a 42" white reflector. One light source and simple to set up. Keep in mind, this is a photo of a photo I shot to post. This picture still hangs in my Old studio and I just shot it with flash to show and you can see the catch light in her eyes showing one light source. The posted picture doesn't do justice to the original canvas portrait.

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