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    My new Tamron 70-300...wondering if it's not showing me love

    So I recently purchased my new Tamron 70-300mm di and not sure it's showing me love. Obviously being new to photog it could be operator error but I've seen some crisp photos from a few of you of animals and they're pretty close.

    Anyhow I'm aware of the multiple factors concerning the use of the lens, especially distance when viewing others pics.

    The day outdoor pics are after 2 mile run in 90 degree heat so they're pretty hurried and on auto just to test the lens.

    I've seen other moon shots with the Tamron 70-300mm and it's 10 times closer. It seems that it'll get real close and it'll take a while trying to focus on it then it pulls back.

    At 300

    This little guy was pretty close to me and this is what I got at 300.

    Any suggestions or is this typical? Again you have no way of knowing how far I am to the objects but the duck? I was pretty close. Seems like with some objects it'll hold back and with the zoom across the water to the guy in the white shirt it'll get in there.
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