agree with TenD for sure. the canon version of the lens will likely AF faster, be quieter, be way more accurate, have better optical quality and far better construction.

as for sony's corporate method. yes, like most successful companies they can be ruthless and do whats best for its shareholders first and customer second. BUT my take on it is this...until sony entered the market the big 2 were a content, lazy bunch of pricks with the market essentially to themselves. pentax and oly pretty much succumbed to their "place" in the market with no attempt to take them on really. oly i suppose less so cos they went for the 4/3 direction...good for them. fuji and sigma elected to be niche market cameras. that led to overpriced equipment and/ or equipment that underdelivered.

sony has shaken this market to its core and the level of innovation and quality, (from nikon especially at the moment), has been staggering. look at the amount of consumer grade IS/VR lens'. look at the dslr innovation like LV, Hi RES screens, body lifecycles, lens upgrades, sensor performace etc. do you think it was a co-incidence that all of that occurred round about the time of the a100 and significantly ramped up with the a200/300/350/700 ? i think not.

sony is many things, but as a nikon owner who is reeping the rewards of a company responding ferociously to this new threat...i couldn;t be happier that sony is here. canon will surely do the same to respond to the challenge. so in my view, we should be thumbing our noses at canon and nikon while giving them the finger asking..."what the hell took you so long ?"