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    Looking at Fuji S 1000fd??? Opinions??

    Hi, I am in western Canada and have been an old Nikon SLR user...of the baby boomer era. Sold the cam some time ago and at Christmas bought the better half the Panasonic LZ7 at $300 cdn. We are both very pleased with its portability and pic quality but miss the view finder.
    The better half never has been into cams that much, I was.
    I am looking at the 1000 fd to take out when travelling or simply with me as she does with the Panasonic.
    I miss the view finder and thus am looking at the Fuji.
    I have done reading from Google and tried a few of the camera shops out here but most carry the Canon so that you buy the extra lenses etc,
    Since our family is grown we don't want to get into that all over again as we did with the old Nikon SLR bodies that I had with various lenses.
    Fuji price seems good... Staples $229, however I have a few queries in spite of my reading.

    1, I see the Picture Stabilization is in SP2, does that mean that once it is set that it will function in all modes including SP1?

    2. Is it Pict Bridge compatible as we have a Canon Selphy ES1 printer for 4 X 6 size pics when we travel to remote areas in BC where relatives live and finding a digital printing outlet is a long drive a way.

    3. I have read that using the "auto"setting produces noisy pics ??? The better half maybe using the cam and I don't want to have to keep resetting it for her and thus Auto was always good with our old SLR's and that is what she uses on the Christmas purchased Panasonic LZ7. Is this cam not a good choice if it may get "auto" setting use?

    4. What is the max SD card useable on this cam?

    5. I have been using the San Disk Ultra lite 1 gig on the Panasonic and have been pleased with them. Is the Lexar better...or what would be the suggestion for this cam. I like the SD card as my notebook has it and also the Canon Selphy ES1 printer, though I am sure I can get adapters. I would prefer to use the same mem cards for our camcorder, Panasonic and this Fuji if it is a good choice to buy.

    6. Can one get a UV filter for this model?

    7. Are there any other suggested accessories to buy for it?

    8. We don't really need another cam at this very moment, however saw the price on this one and potentially what the cam can do after I have googled it, however I would like to hear from owners/users of their experiences.

    9. Is the flash decent, does it come on automatically? of is it a manual set up. I don't like the latter.
    I wondered also if it has flash fill in capabilities.
    It sounded from one article that I read that I could add a slave flash. If this is so, is there any compact quality suggestions>
    I remember the huge one that I had with my SLR that bounced off the ceiling etc. and I don't want to start lugging around large accessories again. I am not going to be doing hobby pics again.

    10. Does this cam have any blatant short falls that I should be aware of before I really consider the purchase. The price is right, however often times that means that the manufacturer had to skimp on some area to have the price that low????

    11. What is the LCD screen like for viewing recently taken pics when it is bright out? With the Panasonic we have a Delkin hood on the 2 1/2 inch lcd and find it necessary otherwise you can't see what you are taking nor can you view the quality of what was taken. If a hood is needed, would it interfere with the view finder use?

    I really would appreciate any and all comments re this camera. After spending the $300 at Christmas on the Panasonic I really don't want to get that high again price wise.
    We actually have 2 of the Panasonic LZ7's, the other our college son uses.

    Anyway, I always like to hear from users. I searched and found a couple of topics on this model but nothing really about user experiences.

    I would sincerely appreciate any and all comments.
    Thank you for your time.
    Cheers this is me at the moment re this camera >>>>>
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    I bought one a couple of weeks ago. I'm still trying to figure it all out, as I went from a Finepix E550, a camera I loved, but unfortunately broke.

    So far, I'm in love with this camera. I like the fact I can use my other cards as well. I'm going to use it to photograph my oldest son's wedding this weekend actually. I like the presets. I'm not big on monkeying around, but there are a number of great presets. I've had it on the trail, on the beach, birding at home and away, and had some decent results.

    The only noise I'm getting is because I've reduced some using Irfanview, which seems to create pixels or noise. Anyway, I'm not expert, not by a long shot, but I do love this camera, and I returned a J50 I bought first because of no viewfinder.

    A few notable snaps I've taken so far. The zoom in auto is outstanding.

    It has a 2 year warranty. It is made in China, if that matters to you.

    I haven't studied the manual enough yet to answer all your questions, but you can find those answers here anyway:


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    Thx so very much for the reply !! And the impressive use of the macro....and really that was on the Auto setting !!!
    I am not for monkeying around either, I did d/l the 100+ page manual and have attempted reading it.
    I phoned Fuji support this AM and asked about the 2 cables listed on page 121 of the manual for use with my Pict Bridge printers and was told that these both are to insure that the camera does not lose power when doing a transfer for printing and if I am not doing a lot of pics on my printer I likely would not have to be concerned. I would only occasionally use my printer if I want to send a recent pic out in the mail with a card or something.

    I was surprised to read that one has to format ? the SD card before using the card in the camera. My Panasonic that the better half uses that we bought at Christmas the LZ7 does not need this to be done.
    Do you really have to format....as mentioned I am not one to like fiddling around. The less the better. And if I hand it over to the better half and the card gets full as I only use 1 gig San Disk ultra cards, there will be a problem as there is no "tech" interest there !!

    Staples who has the cam at $229 Cdn is selling a 2 year extended warranty for $68 and I tried to look up what warranty is offerred with this unit from Fuji and could find nothing on the model, not even under the recommended SD Mem cards.

    Is one able to put a UV filter on the lens?

    Looking in the instruction manual all of the Icons that are in the viewer that were shown...I must say took me aback somewhat as if I don't use the camera enough, I don't know if I will rememer what all of them are about !!!

    I guess the fact is that this Panasonic that we bought is so easy to use, though there is no view finder; one gets kind of frightened!!!
    Being a baby boomer having gone through the SLR era these new digitals are somewhat overwhelming.
    That is why I started off with the Panasonic model that I bought and thought now I may be capable of understanding a little bit more....I want a camera that both of us can use and that I don't have to worry if the better half has to fiddle with settings.
    I showed the manual and started a "fright night" LOL!!!!

    I simply can't believe your pics !!! They are great !

    I forgot to ask where the repair depots are....should there ever be the need. I don't know if it is in Eastern Canada and the camera will be sent out???

    I was also going to ask if the wide angle zoom in and out is "touchy" or is it fairly smooth. The Panasonic that we have is a little "touchy", we have to be very light fingered on the lever or it zooms far too much. It is kind of annoying...I usually zoom and then walk back or forward a few steps rather than fiddling with the lever again.

    Is the Picture Stabilization on all of the time after the initial set up if one activates it on the camera? Also what about in the SP1 setting.... as the Picture Stabilization setting is in the SP2 is it not? Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Right now I am feeling a little overwhelmed by reading the Instruction manual. I guess that I also forgot to ask about battery life. I would be using the rechargeable 2500 mah double A's that I get from my battery supplier. I have bought from him for years as I have always been a camcorder hobbyist.
    Just wondered if the camera with its flash is hard on batteries. And what it is like on simply alkaline batteries if used in a "pinch"???

    Thank you for replying and I hope that your wedding pictures turn out as well as your macro shots !!!!
    I look forward to replies on some of the above queries, again many thx !!

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    Noguru, the "noise" is caused because of saving as GIF - it has only 256 colours. It is a pity, because your photos are otherwise very nice. Save photos always as JPEG with some reasonable compression.

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    Peggy, just wondering if you would recommend this cam for the better half and myself, where one is somewhat techie and the other is not.
    The icons that I see in the viewfinder I would think the user would have to be taking a lot of pics to remember what they are?
    I have talke to Fujifilm Canada re my tech questions re Canon Selphy printer and cable attachments and other tech questions so that has somewhat been resolved.
    I forgot to ask about the extended warranty of 2 years that Staples wants me to buy.
    Also wanted to know if the zoom on the camera was smooth and whether or not one can buy a UV filter for it>
    I am simply concerned whether we are jumping from the December purchase of the Panasonic LZ7 which is easy to operate to a camera that simply has so many settings though the original poster to my query indicated that he does not like "monkeying" around also.
    I saw posted in a test that there was noise in Auto and wondered if this also is b/c of the jpg "save" issue that you just mentioned.
    Is there a special step one has to do to save as a jpg???
    I hope that you have time to reply, as I have refined my queries.
    Thank you.

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    Thanks for the tip Peggy. I really need to get photoshop on this computer. I've saved the originals, because I didn't trust Irfanview much anyway.

    Dizzy, when looking at the camera yesterday, I was able to use stabilization in SP1 and SP2, however, later last night I wasn't able to. I'm sure it is just the setting I was using. I still haven't figured out if you can just pick that as an option, or if it is on auto when using extended zoom.

    The cables I got with the camera are for USB, and the other to hook it up to your television set. I had a card already from my other camera, and I also bought one off eBay, new, I didn't have to format it before using it. That is a Sandisk XD card.

    I don't believe you can put a filter on this camera. The zoom is smooth, at least for me. Remember, I don't have a lot to compare it too, only another Fuji camera. It is very similar.

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    Thx for the reply and I appreciate the comments. The cards that I will be using are the SD San Disk which Fuji said were on their list as useable, however I forgot to ask them why I have to format the Disk. We don't have to do that with the Panasonic LZ7.
    And is there a reason for the Xd card being preferential as I only want to use SD cards as my notebooks use these and as well my Pict Bridge printers that we have.
    Thank you.

    (I have always used a UV filter in all my cameras, but not in this Panasonic digi either, I guess they can only be used on the true SLR like the Canon as an example. I just wondered what effect this will have on the pic's when no filter is used as I have only used a digi for a few months now)
    Thank you.
    It really appears that there are a lot of Fuji Fans here which is good to see, I never really looked at their cameras before, and am only looking for decent quality pics not pro style like my older Nikon Slr's gave me.
    I can tell by all the discussion about Adobe and Irfanview that most users here are way out of my league.
    Is use of these apps the only way to save in jpg. as Peggy mentioned in her observations??
    Again many thank yous for the sincere interest of participants at this Forum, as it indeed is appreciated.
    And do I need to spend the xtra approx $70 for the extended 2 year warranty from Staples or is Fujis warranty OK??? I never really understand about the regular warranty and the extended. I get them on my notebooks but as for cameras I am uncertain.

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    I bought Fuji Finepix S100fs with 2 years warranty (1 year for return to Fuji and if after 1 year then online store which I bought from can repair under 2 years warranty) - I got from ukdigitalcamera.co.uk -- the S100fs seem nice camera and using Kingston 4GB SDHC (Class 6) card.

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