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    Wide Angle Compact

    Looking for a wide angle compact for my Wife's b-day. This has to fit in her purse because she likes carrying it at all times to snap pics everywhere. She has had a Casio Exilim for the last 3 years, which she really likes. Also her sister has a Canon 850 which she also has played with and likes a lot. I can't convince her to even look at a panasonic or fuji at the store, so I guess that narrows it down to Canon and Casio. Requirements are wide angle (sub 30mm), Image Stabilizaton, Quick access video button or dial, and as small as possible in size. Looks like I am narrowed down to the Canon 870 and the Casio Z200. Which one would you buy, and why?

    Casio Z200 is 10MP, 2.7"LCD, CCD stabilization, 848x480 video
    Canon 870 is 8MP, 3" LCD, Lens Stabilization, 640x480 video.

    If I missed any other models, let me know. I can go to $300, but the closer to $200 the better.
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    The Canon SD870 is a little larger than the Casio Z200, but the Canon is faster and has better picture quality.
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    The SD800 is essentially the same as the SD870 only with a smaller LCD but with an optical view finder.

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