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    Quote Originally Posted by herc182 View Post
    You CANNOT make HDR from one exposure. HDR = High Dynamic Range.

    If you have taken one photo, thats the Dynamic Range of the sensor (which is generally NOT what you see with your eye).

    In Donschaps efforts, those are just filters or effects.

    What I think you are looking for is HDR effect which can be super saturated surreal looking photos. IMHO the first shot you posted looks awful as a HDR shot because its not HDR.

    Dons aint much better. The first shot Donshap posted entitled "HDR" is not HDR. The sky is white. The original showed the sky blueish. That "HDR" shot could have come out of the camera (and looked better) but exposed for the shadows. You would need at least two more to make up the midtones and the highlights. But thats my opinion. If thats the effect you are after, then by all means, go for it!
    Thank you...someone else who understands this concept.

    Jonathan, that is proper use of HDR and a good example of where and when its needed. Here is another example:

    Here is what we are focusing on in this image...hot highlights:

    The red areas indicate overexposure and loss of information. If only we could have toned the exposure down a bit with a faster shutter speed...wait, we did. But then the bottom half of the church would be too dark right? We took care of that too. In the 3 images above, I exposed one image normally, one -2 stops under, and one +2 stops over to complete the dynamic range I am after. The completed image looks something like this...

    Notice I have detail throughout the scene and have a properly exposed image. This is impossible for modern day digital image sensors to capture in one exposure thus the need for this process.

    This is handheld btw, and a testament to Photoshop's aligning ability.
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